What Is Claim-Settlement Ratio?

While narrowing doing insurance companies to choose for the one that is best suitable for you, it is important to look for the claim settlement ratio. The reason for acquiring insurance will be in vain if the claims are not settled when required. And this becomes way more important if the beneficiaries are dependent on the insurance proceeds in case of sudden demise of the policy holder. If the claim is denied at such situation, it will be a financial setback for the beneficiaries. This leads to claim settlement ratio which will help you determine which company to trust upon. IRDA claim settlement ratio report is published annually.

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All about Disability Income Riders

You might have multiple insurances that would support you and your family financially in case of any mishap, still there is a need to choose for riders and benefits which can cater your need to deal with accidental death and disability. You might have a term insurance plan and health insurance plan, but if you meet with an accident and there is some serious injury that it becomes difficult for you to work, this is when your income flow will stop and medical bills and responsibilities will increase. You need to be prepared about such situations as life is unpredictable and sure, you do not wish to leave your family with financial liabilities.

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Life Insurance Claims & Helplines for the Flood Affected

India is a country of diversity; one can find many cultures, languages and weather here. And when the weather goes extreme, it turns into natural calamity taking toll on thousands of life. One such natural calamity is flood, leading massive destruction to property, people and life. And later there is hassle of dealing with the insurance companies to file the claim. Now Insurance Companies have made claim processes much easier to help victims of floods. Here is the complete guide regarding the insurance claim procedures, documents and helplines for the flood affected.

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Why Taking Stock of Your Family’s Life Insurance Need Is Important?

We all strive hard and work the maximum part of our life to provide financial security to our family. In case of your sudden death, your family member; spouse or kids will have to bear with your financial responsibilities, and they might not be ready for this. This can lead to deep financial trouble to them. Life Insurance guarantees financial security to the family after the demise of policy holder, and thus it is necessary to get an adequate-sized life cover for your family as early as possible.

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What makes Online Term Insurance Pocket Friendly?

A number of customer friendly products and policies have come to the market ever since the insurance sector in India is reforming. In today’s time, if you want to buy an insurance policy, you will find dozens of large and established companies providing insurance services in the country. The growth of online medium has made the exchange of policies and information smoother. And thus buying an insurance policy online has become an easier way to adopt a policy.

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